dalia960Welcome to my website.  Please allow me to tell you just a little about me and how this collection came to be.

I fell in love with photography at the tender age of 11 and since then, photography has become a part of my everyday life.  I find myself always looking at composition, colour, light and most of all, thinking about how I can capture an image to tell a story in my own special way.  I have had some award winning images over the years and as most of you know, the time in getting that special image can be long but always very rewarding…..after pressing that shutter button, you know that’s the one!  My husband is a professional photographer with many years of experience and the knowledge I have absorbed from him has only made my photography better.  Many times after a vacation with 4,000+ images to edit, we will compare our work only then realizing we have taken very similar photos.   We also shoot weddings and because I do many of the candid shots I am also sharing those with you!

Please enjoy and thank you for visiting!